Mens Mountain Bike - Old but goes well

Bicycle Type: 
Frame Size: 
full size 21"? or 23"? I'm 6ft 1"
Bicycle Color: 
Bragging Parts: 
Nothing special but been well riden and it loves riding
Bike share availability: 
Yes, I May share this bike with verified members of community
Bike condition: 
Old but decent condition, I often ride the 40km from Willunga to Adelaide city centre. All in good shape but doesn't get ridden enough and just sitting, waiting to be ridden... Gears are tough to change but you just learn the ways to do it... It started its life on a 2000km bike around South Australia and did go through the original bearings in 500km but replaced and all good since. Bought in 2006. Free to use when I am not in Australia - which is most of the time. Pick up from my mum's place!
Bicycle location: 
Willunga, South Australia


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If anyone confused Willunga is near Adelaide and I have another old mountain bike that can be sed there as well...