Are bike GPS Trackers the future of theft prevention?

Just a quick search online yields plentiful of information on gadgets claiming to prevent theft of bikes and small mobile vehicles. One thing caught my eyes, GPS tracker.

In recent years the wide spread use of GPS technology ( and smartphone seems to give high hope for GPS tracker as a way to prevent bike theft. However, is this hope being capable to be the next big thing or just a mere disillusion?

Certainly, it would be great to have enthusiastic fellow cyclists to comment if they would use a GPS tracker as a way to protect their bikes from thieves.

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Indeed, I'm already finding bike GPS tracker helpful for theft prevention!! Whenever I go away from my bike, my GPS system keeping me up to date about every moment and views as well!! Thanks.
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Where do I buy such a wonderous product? Need to keep track on the bikes in our project. Would also be great to find out how much our free bikes are being used. Thanks for the info. Graham
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