Ma bicyclette! ma bicyclette! ma bicyclette!

have you seen me yet? 

and ma bicyclette?


have you seen me yet? 
and ma bicyclette? 
get your tools out 
you could come and tweak these sets 
i got a vicious cycle 
i'm riding it right though 
the places that i go? 
the kids go psycho 
grips in my hands, road under my feet 
one day we'll be taking over the streets 
the ramps get brought out, the jumps erupt 
you get air - pump p-p-pump pump it up! 
i'm a fellow who could settle 
for a special girl who pedals to the metal 
while her feet are in stilettos 
and uh, hello! 
let's go for a ride, you and i 
i don't mind if you're on a shiny ship or if it's ghetto 
take either, i've ridden whips, ridden beaters 
cruisers, all-terrains and two-seaters 
used to do it top speed, nobody could touch me 
now i'm on a chill tip, gliding on my dutchie 

ma bicyclette! ma bicyclette! ma bicyclette! 

summertime treks and the brawn is back 
and i'm always shining when i'm on the track 
call it bicycle wax, because i'm digging through crates 
all worn out, i'm looking for new brakes 
too tired like i got the knock 
heads shocked 'cause i still never stop the rock 
i'm getting geared up, slick ride pops your brain 
might not look it, but it's off the chain 
i got a handle on it, so if you're feeling like i feel 
then i guess you're feeling wheels rolling, pedals at your heels 
on the real, i'm a spokesman 
every day i'm grinning while i'm spinning like i'm winning 
and it's just the beginning, i'm really living 
am i going a little too fast? 
well i'm here in the city, i'm hitting critical mass 
so many speeds, guess i'm still dealing with cassettes 
got a racket on the rack, it's ma bicyclette 

ma bicyclette! ma bicyclette! ma bicyclette! 

hello, it's just me and my velo 
rocking a side pony and stilettos 
let's go, we ride these streets 
working our glutes, being urban athletes 
honky honky, beep beep beepy 
get on a bike and out that jeepy 
ding ding ding as i speed by 
excuse me miss - i love your ride! 

daisy, daisy, give me your answer, do 
and double up your pleasure on a bicycle built for two 
in tandem as we pedal it, legs spinning smooth in sweet duet 
take you on a ride you can't forget on my bicyclette 

dream cycle, gold frame, pedals to match 
this beast is thinner than a model and the wheels don't detach 
so saddle up, got a seat that's made of leather and velvet 
purple flames painted on the side - i'll see you in helmets 

ma bicyclette! ma bicyclette! ma bicyclette!creditsreleased 26 June 2012 
Written by Andrew Huang, Tanya Casole-Gouveia, Ly Moffatt, Esther Bowser. Produced by Andrew Huang.  

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