How to Deter Would-Be Crooks by climbing robot

Just because you've locked your bike to a streetlight doesn't mean it's safe.All that's required is a man with a big enough pair of industrial pliers, and it's goodbye bike, hello bus home.

The great geek minds at play come up with something innovative that provides a solution to a longstanding problem.

At least in theory, The “sichertes fahrradschloss” or the safeguarded bike lock to the monolinguals amongst you, is a contraption which attaches to your bike and any lamp post or pole-like structure of adequate thickness. The bike lock then climbs up the lamp post and suspends your bike at the top, keeping it out of reach of thieves and opportunists., which has devised a contraption that clamps around lampposts and crawls its way up to the unreachable height -- making it inaccessible unless, of course, you have the remote control. 

So what you do is pin your bike on the hookymajig, and up it goes, chugging skyward. It's only a prototype, but it's bound to have plenty of Internet oddballs ordering a dozen or two. 
Check out how they did it, why they did it and the contraption in action below.