About us

Cyclingboom is community of cycling enthusiasts, bike commuters, serious cyclists, bicycle designers, photographers, bike builders & all who are in love with this two wheel vehicle. The main goal is to promote cycling around the world and to foster sustainable mobility.

We want to be a part of a new cycling boom era in accordance with the BIKE BOOM which occurred several times during last two centuries.
There is something different in our perception about cycling boom though, Cycling Boom is not about buying new bikes, it’s about more people using bikes in a more pleasant environment.

This is about using bicycle in a regular basis, and unifying cyclists to demand the infrastructures that facilitates mobility by bike.

In cycling boom you could share yours spare bicycle to peer cyclists if they need it for a couple of days, you could  share a story and a tell others about your cycling adventures. Here in cyclingboom cyclists  are encouraged to write blogs, event reports and reviews although they might not be professionals.

Cycling boom is all about encouraging people to join cyclists and to remind them that there are other ways of travelling in the city.


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