Bicycle Theft Reports

Please check our database of bike crimes before you pay for any second-hand bicycle.You definitely wouldn't be happy to pay for possession of stolen property.

Make-Model was stolen Cb# Frame serial number City Country picture
6 years ago 4465457 577 Los Angeles United States
6 years ago C909090 456-R-56778 San Francisco United States
6 years ago B222334 wsw-54647-klm paris France
Bianchi-Pista 3 years ago B000455 SWW-000-83747 Berlin Germany


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Bicycle Theft, Problem-Oriented Policing mohsen


A summary of  (2008) Bicycle Theft. Centre for Problem-Oriented Policing by .Shane D....

SHYSPY | GPS/GSM Tracker For Bicycles mohsen

SHYSPY GPS tracker not only enables cyclists to track their cycling...

Blog Entries

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Skylar Grey, Eminem


Eminem Skylar Grey
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GPS tracker seems to be a promising gadget to deter bike theft....

How to Deter Would-Be Crooks by climbing robot

Just because you've locked your bike to a streetlight doesn't mean...

Airbag for cyclists and pedestrians


Airbag for cyclists and pedestrians


Peer to Peer Bike Sharing

Make-Model Bike share availability Bike condition picture City Province Country Contact
Deathlon Triban Maybe Its a long time that it needs an overhaul but it still rides.. milano Milano Italy mohsen
Rosssignoli Yes Milano Milano Italy mohsen
Yes Three years old, Ready for a ride, Free. Phagwara Punjab India Harjinder
Yes city bike for a day Beer Sheva Israel Leo
Terässiipi Rental More than 10 years old but works ok. I rent it for 1 € per day and ask 20 € as a deposit (you... Pori Finland HeikkiR